Tuesday, October 30, 2012


WOW !! Did that wind ever sound

ferocious last night !!

Thought the trees were   gonna’ come through my bedroom windows..

But fortunately they didn’t.. all were still standing this morning..

Rained all day, tho’.


We took a road trip down to Goshen, Indiana to mail a Fedex

package of apples to my sister in Missouri.

She’s gonna’ love ‘em.

Well, just had to s top at a

Goodwill Store and what do ya know, I found two really nice shirts.
I never buy clothes at a Goodwill but these were a good brand and looked new… so what the heck !!

Came home, put them in the washer and tomorrow I’ll have two new shirts.. Cheap, too !!

Net found a beautiful crystal

candy dish with lid.. too cute !!


prim  dolls

well, I gotta start making some of these little babies… ain’t they cute !!

Got that pumkin pattern, too..


I tell you ….

I tried for hours to do a

fedex mailer online and there is a

problem with my sisters address.

Her house is just inside of Arkansas but her mail address is Missouri.

Try to e xplain that to a computer..

So finally I got an email that said I had finished it..

But they never gave me a form

for filling in billing amount to my credit card… so I assumed that it

didn’t go through..

So we found the nearest drop-off Fedex to ship a box of apples.

Drove 20 miles and sent it..

Came home and hours later a

Fedex truck pulled up in the drive way and we thought … surely they aren’t bringing our apples back to us..

The  driver rang doorbell and said

I’m here for a pick-up..

We told her we had already took it to Granger and shipped it..

Told her the long story about hours on computer with no form..

Anyway we all laughed and she drove off..

Who knows ???

At least the apples were shipped this afternoon to be delivered on


Good eatin’


til later,


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