Thursday, November 1, 2012



HEY !!

It’s been too cool for fall…

Now this is like winter.

Winds blowing too hard for fall..

Well, I thought I’d sew some today

and turned on sewing machine and


it didn’t sew.. no lights on  !!

What’s wrong ??

no cord plugged into side of machine and where is it? Looked all over the place and was thinking

I’d have to go to Mudays’ and buy a new cord…

Then my little eyes spied this black cord… but it’s supposed to be white..

What the heck !! I’ll try it anyway..

The holes in machine look the same as on the cord..

Plugged it in and what do ya know ?/

It fit and turned on and lights all come on and  Woooo hooo… it sewed.

Thank ya Lord !!

So I start on my Rooster pillow panel..


well I’m just mad as an old wet hen !!

I made pictures today and downloaded them to computer..

was gonna put some on this blog and

dangit.. can’t find them NO-WHERE !


Betcha I will do it tomorrow, miss Scarlett…

Yep, I’ll think about it tomorrow..


‘til then,

Maurine ♥

1 comment:

Nanna said...

sounds like one of my good productive days lol! my sewing room was almost ready for revealing now stuff is everywhere from sewing for my show, do good to find the machine lol!