Friday, February 15, 2013

could spring be on the way ??


well first it snows , then it rains and washes all the snow away…. then again it snows !!


Been sewing and making some new things. Made a small pieced basket. It is so fun to make something useful instead of  just dolls…

altho’ I’ve always loved making dolls. 

Made two children’s aprons for neighbors grandchildren.. cute too. made from Winnie the Pooh fabric.

I ordered a bunch of new fabric from Connecting Threads this week.. Love their fabrics.

Oh, my what a week.

my printer ran out of ink and I ordered some from Hewlett Packard.

Surprise !! got it the next morning by FedEx

but  to my surprise… when I put it in printer, it didn’’t work.. Not only one but all three were no good.

Called HP and told my story of woe…. They sent me new ones.. Well, today when I loaded the Magenta, it leaked all over my hand and in my printer..

Have you ever had a quick chat with HP ?

Well, I haven’t ..

After three hours on the phone, I will be getting more cartridges..

Hopefully, these will work and not leak on my hands…  still can’t use my printer…

Maybe tomorrow

well, I’m all out of stuff to talk about , so it’s ‘nuff nonsense for tonight..

So for now

Maurine ♥

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