Tuesday, February 19, 2013



How’s things in your neighborhood

We are having another snowstorm today but it’ll soon be gone.

It’s been snowin’ for days….. of ‘n on'


Net and I have been sewin.

I finished a purse that I started months ago and got stuck , couldn’t figure it out…. put it aside in bedroom and would tackle it off and on and give up again..

Well , to my amazement, I finally finished it yesterday.DSCN0690

what do ya’ think?

I’m right proud of myself…

It wasn’t the easiest thing I ever put together..

But I love it.



this is a bag Net made.. so pretty

Ya know Net is taking radiation treatments and this is her 13 th one. She is tolerating them very well.

We’d ask prayers for her.


Did I tell you about my printer/ink cartridge problems  ???

Well, it ain’t funny.. no way.

Me and Hewlett Packard have been in a war… so far, they are winning.. but my printer is working ( so far )

They still owe me a replacement of

magenta ink cartridge….. it spilled all over my hand and in the printer..


That’s Baptist cussin’ if ya didn’t know !!

well that’s it fer now’

til later,

Maurine ♥


Nanna said...

the bag turned out great! love Net's too, so glad she's doing good with her treatments, is that a machine cover on the rigth? I've been in the swing rooma all day doing first one thing and then another lol!

Karen said...

Hey there lady...well you did a great job on that little bag...I would not be able to tackle something like that. As much as I sew I can not make things like that.
Holy Moly...what a mess that must have made on your printer and everything else. Goodness sakes.
Praying for Nel.

Angie Berry said...

Sounds like my neighborhood here in Oklahoma. The sky is so confused and doesn't know if it wants to rain, snow, or shine but that's okay... I enjoy it all.

Those are adorable bags you all are making! Sorry about the printer mess... not fun at all, I know!

Have a grand week~