Friday, February 22, 2013



Time passes slowly when you go every day for radiation treatments, but praise God, Net is tolerating them very well..  had a couple tired days, but God is good and she’s half way finished..

please say a prayer for her..

thank you !!

We are sewing and sewing.

I made a pitiful apron today…. has a mitered point at the bottom..

yuck !! points are not easy for me. Went to Joann’s Fabric after treatment today..

We had to get lining for some place mats for Grandsons new remodeled house..  So found some sage green burlap for table runners for Grand daughters items she sells.

So we have our work cut out for us.


I  made this little tote for my sewing gadgets by the machine.

I love it.. may make more for other places /things… such as bathroom sink cabinet.. always junk laying around there, right !!

Did anyone ever make a burlap bear ?  I’m gonna give it a try.

Got Maureen Mills new fat bear pattern.. so he may turn out as a burlap bear…

we have been getting lots of snow lately.. None today but sure was cold !!

Can’t wait till spring so we can open and decorate the shop. Got lots of new stuff to put out there.

Stop by if you’re ever in Dowagiac, Michigan…  you’re always welcome !!

so til next time,

Maurine ♥

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Nanna said...

so glad things are going well for Net, love the little tote!I've got to get back to some serious sewing soon!