Monday, March 18, 2013


Good morning, Blogger friends;

how’s things in your neck of woods this morning?

We’re getting light snow here but not sticking, so that’s good.

I’m ready for spring, how about you?

I’m trying to do a little sewing but not doing so great at it..

Made a pitiful little doll and her clothes didn’t suit me… can’t get it together any more !!

All I really like to sew are the little bunnies… Just love making them..

Gonna set up a “bunnie’s Round Table” out in the shop when it gets warmer weather..   Can’t wait !!



Here’s Elfina after I did a remake on her clothes.. Her collar was too wide, her hat was not on straight.. Oh as, Helen says, she just needed some “ tweekin’ “.

Now ain’t she purty?

Gotta report on Net’s treatments.

She is on her last week . She is really doing good.. We’re gonna celebrate with a sewin’ party when she finishes.

Im not doin’s so good with my sewin’.


Net made this little round pillow from an old sheet we got at the Goodwill store. I think it is so cute.

Missy is gonna put it in her “DUST AND ALL”  shoppe.

I made her a burlap table runner with wide lace on each end..

Have you ever bought any burlap that had an awful odor to it?

I’ve ordered several pieces and it acutally “ stinks”.  what to do ??



Here’s my “ batch o’ bunnies”.

I love ‘em.. plan on makin’ more..

well gonna go for now,

til later,



Nanna said...

look at all those bunnnies! glad you & net are back on the road to recovery, wish I was close enough to get in on that sewing party oh the fun we'd have! lol!

Karen said...

Oh goodness you are on a roll lady...Elfina is too cute. Why is it we are never satisfied with our work. If someone else saw it before we 'tweeked' it, they would think it looked just great!
Cute pillow and I'm so happy for Net...she's been a trooper and I think it is so wonderful that all things worked out that your move to the apt. by her gave you the chance to be 'mom' to her during these days.