Wednesday, October 9, 2013



Are we havin’ fun here..

a crew of men working on digging up ditches by yard and  wheweee what a mess . big piles of dirt , all kind of big equipment, digging, backin’ in and out of the hole in front of shoppe..

We’re in the process of  remodeling and changing shoppe.. gonna be a big change and now we’re having a 50% off sale on glassware… Starting tomorrow it will be outside , inside sale of everything other than some special items not for sale..


working on side ditch in front of shoppe.


BIG  HOLE  in front of shoppe..  good for business… yeah for sure !!


just a sample of things for sale… all of shoppe inside is for sale..


oh are we busy… ready or not…. tomorrow is the day !!!


we are located at

29199 M-62 West

Dowagiac, Mi.  49047


If you are near here, it would be good to stop and

take advantage of some of the tremendous sales..



Maurine, Janette, Melissa and all the dogs… 

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