Wednesday, October 30, 2013



we have cleared out , had a large sale and are now ready for new business..

Under a NEW  NAME

We are now ….


We also have an Etsy shoppe.

It is under the same name.

so check us out and make some purchases, please !!

Ok for some personal news. I have been making lots of new dolls..


Here is one of the newer ones.. She’s a pumpkin doll. She has no name, just Pumpkin Doll.

JanetteEtsy 047

This is one of  Janette’s new purses.

It is so colorful with large sunflowers . It has a firm brown top with a button and snap.


This is Elfina,

my little Elf Helper.

She can sew, until she sews her finger.. but never fear, that doesn’t stop her..



Another one of Janette’s purses.. It’s a

beautiful brown paisly fabric , fully lined with

pockets front and back.

She does super work !!!


This is an heirloom doll made with osnaburg body and hair if from old shell pearl buttons. they are antique and hard to find.

Dress is of beautiful candelwicking fabric. You have to see it to believe the beauty of the fabric.

The dress is 36” in length.

She is a beauty… take a look.


Well that’s just a smidgen of all the new things at the new shoppe.

We are having an open house on  November 24.

1:00  to 3:30 P.M.

We have invitations printed but I don’t have a copy to print here.. ( later )

After Thanksgiving our hours will be longer.

Tuesday thru Saturday.

If you’re in this area, we welcome you to stop in for a visit and meet our new owner.

She is my granddaughter

Melissa Meader.


well that’s all for this time.

‘til later,


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Nanna said...

it's good to see you blogging again, I know you're excited about all the new changes for the shop, I have less than 13 days till my two day show, can you believe it! Ive got to get busy! & fast! lol!