Thursday, February 27, 2014




welll,  here it is on  the eve of March and we got  snow all over the place and would you  believe …. its stiill snowin’

Goodness what a winter !!!!

Net and I have been sewin’ and we got  purses  and dolls every-

where… my bedroom floor  is  just covered with dolls

well  that’s it for tonite,



Nanna said...

yea you figured this thing out! I"ve got sewing projects all over the sewing room, I've only signed up for one challenge for March & that was Miss Bossy where you post 3 choices & the people vote which one you'll make other than that March will be time to get ready for show time, Nov is not that far off lol!

Maurine Huffines said...

so who won !!
what are you gonna make?
Is it the wrap dress ??
I'm waiting to see what you ocme up with..
I need to get into some clothes sewing..
dolls , dolls, dolls
all over the place and not selling any... what to do !!!!