Monday, March 3, 2014


once in awile good things  happen, just for no reason.

so today, I was getting ready to sew and I get this delivered ups skinny envelope… so I opened it and guess what ????

I get a new credit card..

They had closed my old one cause some jerky place had tried  to make a charge.

well, I ain’t havin’ none of that…

so the nice people at visa just gave me a new card..

now, nobody knows my card number so they ain’t gonna be no stuff like that happenin’ agin’ soon.


Well on to better things, like sewin’ some sweet dolls..

course, ya know, I’m a doll maker !!


here’s two of the latest ones..

they are two new annies

one is from Old Annies pattern.


oh my, this is one of my favorites.

there’s a story behind this doll.

See, I bought this pattern  some time ago and then I lost it… Ya’ know I got TONS AND TONS  of patterns.

I wanted to make this doll and I hunted and hunted and could not find this pattern..

So I was on facebook and I told my pitiful story and I whined and pouted…. so I get this email from Maureen Mills ,

(who made the pattern )

and what do ya’ know.. she says she’s sendin’ me a new pattern,  and best of all , she says Maurine  it’s free.)

oh  my word !!  She is the sweetest thing..


so here’s the doll, story and all.


ok  here’s the last one for today !!

DSCN0143_465She’s my black mammy and I love her.

She has on a black background dress with little colored hearts on it..

Now her apron and bonnet  is a

pink with off white flowers on it.   Her face is sculptured.

She is a sweetie  and I love her too.

I guess that’s enough ramblin’ for today , so I’ll say good night and more later.


        Maurine ♥


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love love your dolls! ~*~Lisa

Maurine Huffines said...

Thanks Lisa