Friday, September 4, 2009



I feel sooooo free  !!  I can type… not good, but

with both hands, now.!! 

Went to orthopedic surgeon today and after

three weeks of being bound , I was partially

set free.. He let me go  with just a wrist brace 11

I can even take it off for a shower.. Gracious Me !!

Can wash my arm again… Oh for a clean arm !!


Isn’t that the most beautiful sight you ever saw !!!  It sure  was a wrinkled sight.. looked like a dead armadillo . .. and probably smelled

worse… agh  agh !!

But I  tell you I came away from there singing praises to the Lord… and Dr. Landry, too !!

He looked at the xrays and said  “ Looks Good !!” showed me the tiny place yet to mend and said “ If you promise to be good,.I’ll”

….”OH, I WILL….. I WILL “

I’ll let you off with just a wrist brace… Oh Glory !!  so I have to keep my promise…well, mostly…. cause gotta go back in two weeks for a checkup…  and I’ve heard that he has a temper..and yells…but I’ll cry if he yells at me.


So… it’s back to the sewing machine tomorrow.

Been buyin’ patterns like there’s no tomorow .. and even printed some on card

stock paper and cut out tonight.. I’m ready !!

Well  guess this is about all fer tonight

so look for the whole arm soon…





Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Happy to hear you're free! :)
Glad it's healing well for ya, Maurine!
Don't over do it now...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, friend. ♥

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE for you Maurine!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEE.

Now don't overdo it...I know you will!!!! There's lots of arm movement in sewing!!!

Hugs, Karen

Nanna said...

whoo hoo you go girl! Wanda & Debbie are coming to help paint & organize the sewing room today so it'll be easy for me to get to my stuff to work on after surgury, they said if I'm bound & determined to do my show in 3 weeks they're gonna fix it where I don't have to lift pull or tug to work on something LOL so bring on the sewing war!!!! LOL