Saturday, June 11, 2011

computer problems puts damper on war


now this is getting old

and I do mean old !!

Day Two of computer problems

then if that’s not bad enough

Helen calls me tadau  really in a huff!!

Her computer is on the fritz.,too.

can’t get on line.

So the war is on hold !!

I , being the consoling friend that I am, I told her “it would all come out in the wash”

She’s having computer withdrawals.

Now if that ain’t the pitts after a tornado wipes out part of your home and two vehicles

It’s time for some good news and have I got it, sho’ nuff ~

YA know,  I had such good intentions of makin’ all these new patterns, I been a getting in.

but it’s a standstill now..

But ya’ know… one bright light in all this  gloom of computers

I won a giveaway from


and she’s sent it and I’m gonna be at the post office next week just a panting at the window.

so I’ll have a big smile on my face and come flyin’ home to see what’s in my sweet giveaway package..

Thanks so much Picket.

I love ya’ , kinfolk!!


til’ then,







1 comment:

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Maurine.
Oh isn't it awful how tied to these computers we are?

Now I was having problems a few weeks ago with Internet Explorer being slow and sluggish...actually thought it was my computer.

Well, come to find out IE is I downloaded GOOGLE CHROME and use that as my web browser and IT'S AS FAST AS LIGHTENING! Try might not be your computer after all.