Friday, June 10, 2011



Ya  know what !!

I’m about ready  to pack my bags and head for my log cabin in the backwoods…. and what’s more…

I ain’t takin’ this dang computer.

Hey, I’ve about had it with this contraption

Me and this little guy from Dell

spent four hours ( yes I said 4 )

today talkin’ about the woes of


waaaaaah !!  my beautiful new computer got this deadly virus and it was really sick…

Ater four hours and $239.00

we are finally better..

but ya’ know what !! I’m afraid to click on anything now..

My great gift of 4 years of McAffee virus protection didn’t protect me from this dirty bug.

oh well, on to  bigger and better things.

The war is lagging.  I haven’t been near the sewing machine in two days.

So if Miss Helen has done anything , she’s way ahead of me.

But I’ve not given up… no siree..

I got me some big plans for next week.. you betcha’

so stay tuned in

and watch what happens.

until then

blessings from Maurine ♥

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