Saturday, November 3, 2012



What is that white  stuff all over my yard this morning ??

Can’t be snow.. so must be frost !!

Oh well, that’ll make the pecans fall in Missouri. LOL


Gotta show you my new purse and wallett

Oh is it pretty and guess what ..

I found a new blouse on sale at Penny’s the same color with bronze metal decorations down the front.. Boy, did I grab that one up in a hurry !!

Haven’t made a picture of it yet,


Still workin’ on my rooster pillow.. I’m old and slow with my sewin’.



Got the cutest little picture of my baby in the pumpkin patch.. well she’s 18 and in college now but she  was the cutest little thiing ..


                           Juliana in pumpkin patch

not much hair  then but boy you should see that hair now.. long and curly !!juliana graduation

yep! Same girl at graduation.

ain’t she a beauty !!

that’s it for now,

til then,


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Nanna said...

now why would you mention you see snow & not show us any pictures lol!